Methods of use

Private property

Correctly used DOTs will protect your business and home from illegal actions, such as: raider capture attempts or unauthorized entry.

Fortification of security checkpoints
and military boundaries.

DOTs allow you to quickly install and dismantle checkpoints, providing a sufficient degree of personnel protection, in the hardest conditions.

Protection of critical infrastructure
objects and bridges

The engineered design of DOTs allows you to create compact size fortifications that can be placed in a limited space.

Protection of administrative
and infrastructural buildings

DOTs prepared in advance make it possible to quickly increase the defense capability of individual buildings without blocking the urban space with artificial barricades.

Temporary shelter
at public transport stops

Quick installation, compactness, convenience and aesthetics. Also multifunctionality - after victory, it is possible to use the modules in other purposes.

Private shelter
on your own territory

Can be combined in any combination and quick to install. Available additions: light, ventilation, heater, sockets, etc.

Temporary shelter
for the military

Due to simple installation, the finished shelter can be built in one day. And the two-layer fortification with sandbags provides additional protection against 30 mm weapons and full protection against shrapnel explosions and small arms.

Characteristics of the DOT module

The DOT project provides a comfortable stay for up to 3 people or the use of a module for temporary storage of non-combustible materials. The modular concrete product is designed for year-round outdoor use.

  • Weight up to 12 tons

  • Gross area is 3.14 m2

  • Height 2.5 m

  • Rigged with 3 window slots

Structurally, the module consists of two parts: a base in the shape of an inverted glass and a bottom.

Military verified
Shelling of DOT footage

Crash test proven: withstands a wide range of calibers, fire resistant and maintains a safe temperature regime

Complete set
We can offer
Modular civil defense shelters for any need
Project of modular SHELTER for 20 and 50 people.

A DOT shelter is not just a safe place to protect civilians.

We have thought through everything to the smallest detail for your comfort. That's why our shelter is always warm, comfortable, safe and, most importantly, clean.

  • 2 media screens with anti-vandal protection

  • ventilation

  • external solid fuel stove

  • doors

  • lighting

  • 4 surveillance video cameras

  • solar panel

  • sockets

  • inclusive access

Ready-made products

DOT is primarily about service, instant installation, protection and aesthetics. Established production in Dnipro. Delivery and installation of the product is calculated individually. Product manufacturing time - up to 5 days.

Quality tested
Protection against bullets and shrapnel

In the photo, the place of impact is 7.62*54. 200 mm of 400-grade reinforced concrete reliably protects against bullets, fragments and blast waves. The best part is that the DOT protection is monolithically uniform. No cracks or tears.

Above-ground installation

DOT can be used as a shelter from danger and bad weather.

Underground installation

The DOT module can also be used as an armored underground storage facility for military and private purposes.